The US government is in the throes of cyberwarfare with China. Luke Raven, a high-tech billionaire, is the only man that can save America from the deadly fallout. Jet, a highly trained operative, returns from Kosovo to retrieve two hundred and fifty million dollars in diamonds safely stored in Uruguay. Spotted by a drug cartel, she is chased up the Pacific coast of Mexico where she is saved by ex-Navy Seal Zach, a member of ‘Raven’s Group’.

Luke and his team recruit Jet to help execute a dangerous, highly classified special operations mission that is crucial to national security…Jet completes the critical Team Profile. They take their high-paced adventure across the USA and over the ocean to Paris. The action culminates in Shanghai, China where an ultra-wealthy and ruthless business tycoon possesses highly sensitive information that would have catastrophic results in the wrong hands. But will they get there soon enough to secure the information from their enemies?

9 thoughts on “BY LYNDA FILLER based on Russell Blake NYT & USA Best selling author series JET-KindleWorld

  1. JET EXPOSED is an exceptional read. Authored by an equally exceptional author, this edge-of-your-seat thrilled engages from Page 1 and satiates the appetite for high stakes drama and just the right touches of romantic sizzle in high places. Have I peaked your curiosity? I thought so!

    Ok, the secret is out…I assisted the author with this project and knew from the outset that JET EXPOSED would be nothing less than ‘exceptional’. Read JET EXPOSED with great anticipation as, with all great mysteries of intrigue, the ending is never really quite certain. I was honored to have an early read, even more so that I can sit back and watch JET blossom…and flourish.

    My compliments on your new site here Lynda. As with all that you do…nothing is second best!


    1. The title “Exceptional” must go to you Don! Without your assistance is so much more than editing, this project would never have hit the mark. Thanks again for everything. But don’t get comfortable, the best is yet to come!

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  2. Reblogged this on Don MacIver; Poetic Soul and commented:
    I am extremely excited and honored to have assisted with this novella publication, an outstanding read start to finish, packed with pace, mystery, International cyberwarfare the stakes of which have never been higher.

    Author Lynda Filler’s newly released ‘JET EXPOSED’ is as exquisite front to back as its cover is bold and beautiful. Capture the essence through JET and her high profile colleagues as the world sets their stage, the mission never greater.

    Congratulations to Lynda Filler for, once again, exceeding all expectations.

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    1. Thanks Don. Glad you enjoyed the read. We certainly encountered a few bumps on the road. Your work was and is exceptional. Can’t wait until our next project together.


      1. LOL! Thank you so much Lynda! I had many great compliments from clients but ‘Superstar’?!! My my! Bless your heart! You wrote that powerful manuscript. As an editor I’m like the plastic surgeon…just a few cosmetic polishes here and there! It was a real pleasure to see JET EXPOSED go live. Now we watch it grow and flourish. An exceptional publication Lynda. Well done!

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