Her most recent work is Jet-Exposed, fan fiction in Jet Kindle Worlds based on JET Russell Blake #1 Best Selling Author.

About her Fiction: Jet-Exposed
“AWESOME! Couldn’t put it down until I finished it! Had to plug in my iPad. Power was down to 24%. I loved it!” Cathie Williams.
“I have one complaint! Too short. When’s the next one coming out?! Andy Roose.


  1. Though I do enjoy a role as Editor for this gifted author, when I share public comment about any author or client I do so with rarity and sincere impartiality. Lynda Filler has that rare, innate sense of compelling through her writing that keeps her readers on the edge of their seat cover to cover. By design I work with exceptional people because they inspire what I do tremendously.

    I recommend putting Lynda Filler’s “JET EXPOSED” on your own personal library shelf. Editing ‘JET EXPOSED’ was not work…it was an act of exclusive engagement!


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