this is my love
and I get to say how I love
and when I love
and if I love

you, my love, are the recipient
not the definer of the way
the how and the when

it’s mine to give
mine to hold and to cherish

if it ’s too much for you
if your tolerance for love is low
and your ability to throw-back-love
is high
what can I say

maybe you are allergic to love

do you itch, clam up
does your throat ache
your heart pound like someone racing
racing away from danger

is it vulnerability you fear
is your heart wild
is it unused, was it abused for so long

what is that song I hear
you chose for me
the lyrics say
how do I make you feel my love

with words, I say
and promises to be kept
and tender care
and connection without fear
openness without danger

love leans in, let go

try it, my love
try it

© Lynda Filler 2015

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