Page 1, No. 1

Fan-Fiction! Thank you Russell Blake for JET!

Writing a novella JET-exposed based on the amazing success of the JET series by Russell Blake is a dream come true. What an adrenalin rush!

Jet an ex-Massad black-ops agent who faked her own death, and Hannah her three year old daughter are once again on the run from a drug cartel in South America.  She’s rescued by a group of Navy Seals who were on a clandestine mission along the coast of Mexico.

Enlisted by the Raven Group, Jet finds herself involved in a Cyber War that could take down the USA and annihilate the State of Israel.

Passion, intrigue, money, and power. The action is non-stop. Will Jet deliver, will the Raven Group manage to stop the evil and cunning Sying in Shanghai? Or will all be destroyed at the masked ball in Paris?

Download and find out.

Fans love JET-EXPOSED!

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