“5***** “AWESOME! Couldn’t put it down until I finished it! Had to plug in my iPad. Power was down to 24%. I loved it!”  C. Williams.


“I read all 3 authors takes on Russell Blake’s Jet series and liked Lynda’s version the best. Since she said it was book 1,  I am assuming Lynda plans on writing a sequel. I hope she does.” K.Friedman

“Thoroughly enjoyed ‘Jet Exposed’ from an author who is also a poet. Perfect tropical beach read, particularly if you’re visiting Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, or better yet, living there. The story has it all…romance, action, fast pace, smart, beautiful settings…I look forward to the sequel.”  J. Proteau

“This starts you right off in the heart of the tropics with the good and bad guys pitted against each other and the brewing tempest bearing down on the coast, love it!”  C.J. Anderson

“5***** “I have one complaint! Too short. When’s the next one coming out?”  A. Roose

http://goo.gl/fp5dAF #JetExposed


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