Elizabeth Gilbert’s fame as a soul searcher is immortalized in her bestselling spiritual quest memoir, Eat, Pray, Love. Researching that book took her around the world from Italy to India to Bali, but this writer and journalist knows that “finding yourself” doesn’t always involve frequent-flyer miles. For those of us who still seek inspiration even as we live our everyday lives, Gilbert has written Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. This self-help guide breaks down the creative process while addressing the doubts and fears many artists face as they attempt to make space in their lives for their passions. Gilbert herself has produced an eclectic body of work that ranges from a biography of an Appalachian naturalist, The Last American Man, to a historical novel about a female botanist in the 19th century, The Signature of All Things. The New Jersey-based writer shares the five books that have encouraged and cajoled her into creating her best work.


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