“In my reading, I learned that sexuality is the highest form of transmutable energy. In other words, we all have the ability to transfer our creative sexual energy into other areas of our life for the purpose of achieving wealth, happiness, love, health, and any other positive benefits we seek.”

Sandra LaMorgese Ph.D.
Author, Podcast Host, Sexpert, Metaphysician, Motivational Speaker, Holistic Practitioner, Ordained Reverend

Five years ago, I stumbled into a new way of life on the wave of a force so strong that it was impossible for me to ignore. I discovered a whole new pathway to my creative genius and energy — while sexting.

My transformation started in January 2010. I was sitting at my desk and feeling very excited because an editor from a regional health and beauty magazine was coming to interview me about the holistic treatments I offered at my wellness studio. While I waited for her to show up, my lover and I passed the time by sending fun, sexy emails back and forth. Soon, though, I realized I only had a few more minutes before my guest was supposed to arrive.

“We’d better stop. My interview starts soon and I want to be emotionally prepared,” I wrote.

“No, don’t stop,” he wrote back. “Use the sexual creative energy in your interview!”



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