Celebrating  words that speak to my soul:


you move frequency
to frequency
satellite to satellite
bar to twist
twist to turn
turn to jive
shimmy to techno
ballads left out
like an unobserved star child
hopeful to find playing in your ears
an earth melody
a simple love song
but even the static coming
from the impersonal speakers
between breaks between beats
is out of tune

breathless from inaction
but sore heels
you scan the chairs
for a non-pair
and pick up an empty seat
out of the groove and shy now
a timid warrior on the dance floor
of loneliness
a lifetime of nights
spent in routine
you look down you look away
afraid of anybody breaking your heart
with an unfamiliar touch
a look of mistaken identity
and then walking
soon to be rejoined
by a set of fixated limbs
back into the distant music
distorted inviting
so warm

disregarding the
slow kiss moves
the laughter
the expressions
so warm
playing on another planet
you only visit as one
you finally get up to leave,
there’s a radio
whispering your name
and a pair of slippers at home.

© sean d. reddanDSCN5126_2

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