Reviews for JET-EXPOSED

What a great novella. It starts at a fast pace…and just gets faster. Jet’s formidable talents are called on as she once again attempts to take down the bad guys. With the help of a former Mossad mentor and a deliciously altruistic (and conniving) billionaire, Jet will help foil the best laid plans of villains and enemies alike! When her limits are tested, her provocative skills are the only necessary weapons. Jet exemplifies the phrase “dressed to kill”. An entertaining, full throttle, and highly recommended book!    Sabrina Jean

Fantastic addition to The JET Kindle World by Author Lynda Filler!

As a fan of the novellas written for the JET Kindle World, I have enjoyed reading other interpretations of the JET story. This is a fantastic addition to by Author Lynda Filler! I didn’t want to put this book down, but life got in the way temporarily. Now, it’s on to JET: Abducted!   Bobby Akart, author Cyber Attack

5.0 out of 5 starsFive Stars

Jet is the ultimate warrior. Bar none!!!


One thought on “Five Stars Only Jet can use “sexy” as another one of her weapons!

  1. Lynda, so wonderful to see such dynamic responses shared in review for your exceptional introductory publication JET-EXPOSED for your new Jet World series. It sizzles! It’s successor, JET-ABDUCTED, is another excellent addition to your growing thriller novella/novel library. Readers today want to experience the nervous anticipation, the anxiety, the emotions and the thrill as though they are part of each scene, a living character to the story line themselves…they want something exceptional in their reading experience and THAT you deliver unequivocally each and every time…and it just gets better.

    No small wonder your Amazon Kindle Worlds submissions are ranking has hit Top 10! Tremendous!


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