The very most definitely powerful thing I do for myself (almost) everyday is close my eyes and relate to light, or erase certain things, or say thank you over and over and over, or let my cells drink in colour, or let my mind be an open field, or send forgiveness to someone’s soul, or sit in a sacred geometry symbol, or step into the feeling that what I desire is right here.
I could call it meditation, but that term has gotten so kicked about and aggrandized I don’t like using it. When someone tells me they’re a meditator, sometimes it feels all boasty, like when someone tells you they’re a good lover (“meditator”, “good in bed”… very, very relative terms.) It’s beyond words, is what it is.
ANYWAY… try it if you’re not already. Just sit. 4 minutes. 7 minutes. Half an hour. The afternoon. Close your eyes, stream in gold light before you hit the day. Sit in your car before you hop out and just breathe for one whole minute. Start where you are. The universe is inside you. Very most definitely powerful. xo



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