JET-exposed-finalIn the beginning, the idea of branding had me stumped. I had some expert advice and read up on the subject as much as I could. Still, a lot of it was mystifying and confusing. I had no idea if I was doing it right.

Then it hit me. A brand is simply the very best part of you, your books, and your characters all rolled into one presence.

Recognizing a brand from the consumer side is easy.

Think Nike (swoosh). Instantly, you think of a product that helps you stay in shape. Or at least keeps your feet from hurting.

Think Godiva: rich, flavorful, eye-rolling mouth-gasm.

They have done an excellent job of giving you a mental image that encompasses what they do the second you hear the name. When a business is successful in doing this (and follows up with a quality product), they enjoy repeat business and word of mouth.

For authors, it’s not enough in today’s busy marketplace to have someone say, “Oh, so and so . . . she writes sci-fi. That guy over there, he writes mystery.” You want them to see images, feel emotions, and the more powerful that emotional connection, the more likely they are to share more with whoever they’re talking to.

2 thoughts on “Creating a Brand by M.L.Gardner author 1929 Series

  1. And establishing brand recognition you certainly are Lynda. It’s a process and our greatest focus should be on quality and audience reach to those who love what we have to offer. People are drawn to quality and even more so when what we offer invokes emotional response. And where consumer emotions are concerned they respond by returning for more.

    Your strong prolific and responsive writing style is drawing an ever-increasing following…and that translates to brand recognition in a big way.

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