Now here’s a writer who’s got it all under control!
My hero!


2015 was kind of a slow writing year for me. I have a deadline to meet at the end of February, and more books to write after that. The more I write, the more you get to read. I plan to accomplish this by…


Sorry, but this is a polite way of saying “spend less time on social media.” I’m not going away, but every word I type on Facebook is one word taken away from my work in progress. Added up (and it ADDS UP!), this forces me to work longer days to meet deadlines, and ultimately takes time away from…


There’s no reason for me to be writing during family time on weekends. A few hours in the morning by choice is still fine. I like to write every day, even if just for an  hour or two…

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  1. Time is such a precious commodity and in the last year I had to do the very same…do away with time wasters that distract me from getting it done, doing more, meeting my weekly objectives for myself and my clients…and for my personal life. The social media remains a powerful medium from a networking, business/content marketing perspective and must be an integral part of our attention to gain the most benefit possible. I have really trimmed down my personal page time on Facebook to give me the time I need better, more effectively applied elsewhere including my Facebook author and business pages. It’s not a snub of ‘friends’ on the socials, rather, a pragmatic refocus on activity that produces tangible results.


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