I write because it makes me happy. My stories surprise me! I will be influenced by an event, start a story and all of a sudden my fingers start to type something that I had no idea was happening. It is simply so much fun to entertain myself and my fans.

I get lost, truly deeply, soul-searchingly lost in my imagination. What a tremendous gift.

And I want to share.

I’m over myself: am I good enough? Doesn’t matter. Will I make mistakes? Of course. But I write for the pure joy of telling a story and sharing it with those who are meant to read it.

And I am so thankful for those who read and demand I write more! They/YOU make my heart sing.

2 thoughts on “Why I Write… You’ve asked, I answer.

  1. Lynda, you have an exceptional connection to your published works, an apparent line-by-line attachment that shapes events so powerfully as they unfold. You are surely bound for bestseller status in the near-term and I say that with conviction and certainty. JET EXPOSED and JET ABDUCTION were a solid start to your new novella series on Amazon Jet Worlds, top-ranking thriller/suspense fiction with powerful emotional response from the reader that brings that page-turning anticipation as only the best in authoring can.

    Your prolific, intuitive shaping of your stories, often with surprising turns and the intense experience of imminent danger make for truly compelling reading. Best wishes in your future published works. Your gift is our treasure!


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