Building an author platform is something all authors should be concerned with. It is important for both independently and traditionally published authors. In my opinion, it should not even matter if you have not finished your book yet. You can, and should, start building that platform now. But what exactly is an author platform, why should you have one and what are the first steps to take in creating one?

An author platform is essentially your ‘brand’ or what makes you visible as you. This is increasingly created online, but it should include the real world as well. The platform is in fact made up of several things, visibility on social media being high up on the list. This is not all it involves though. There is also all of your experience and expertise, books you have written, potential books or works, on-going projects, contacts, connections, and your personality. Perhaps even more importantly, it involves your ability to market all of these things successfully.

Building An Author Platform

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