Who is your favorite character in your book and why? My favorite character in TARGET in the SUN is Mia. She’s a middle-aged woman who has found her groove in the sultry coastal town of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Her raw honesty about her relationship with a very young man is poignant and passionate. I love her openness about life, the mistakes she’s made, and her sexual exploits. She’s a refreshing, free-spirited woman who refuses to let her past determine her future. In many ways she is every woman. She’s brave and ferocious. Isn’t that who we all want to be?

Who is your least favorite character and why? I dislike Sying in my JET series. She’s a bitch without a conscience. She’s self-centered and evil. Besides all that, she wears the latest designer Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 8.31.38 PMclothes from Paris! I envy her wealth and her fashion sense. I keep trying to kill her off but she keeps on coming back!

One thought on “Meet Author Lynda Filler

  1. Lynda, your approach to the delivery of this story was richly compelling, deeply heartfelt and a uniquely poignant rendering of fiction from a truly non-fictional perspective. This is real life with all its inherent risk factors cover to cover…human beings struggling for a sense of identity and belonging in a world they struggle desperately not to be a part of.

    Target In The Sun is a story its own characters want so desperately told. Wonderfully engaging.


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