Hot on the heels of JET-ULTIMATUM, a fast-paced thriller suspense novella on Amazon Kindle Worlds, author Lynda Filler introduces ‘THE ROAD TO SAN PANCHO’, a LEI CRIME Kindle World novella. In the …

Source: The Road to San Pancho, LEI Crime Kindle World

One thought on “The Road to San Pancho, LEI Crime Kindle World

  1. Lynda, once again we have an exceptional reading experience in The Road to San Pancho! Well done!

    Yes, I am Lynda Filler’s editor friends but I do NOT overtly endorse any of my client’s work unless I truly believe it has the strongest merit for the reader and I do so unsolicited. Lynda is receiving accolades for her highly distinctive writing style, being compared to bestseller authors, and she puts heart, mind and soul into every single publication.

    When you see first hand the exuberant enthusiasm and joy on the release of each subsequent new publication you quickly become a believer in Lynda Filler…as have I irrefutably.

    Check out Lynda Filler on Amazon Kindle friends. You’ll want to add her great stories to your own personal library…and read them again and again!

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