Exceptional and captivating author Lynda Filler pulls her readers in once again with this heart-stopping thriller suspense, action drama journey of love, heartache, search and discovery. No sooner than much anticipated ‘The Road to San Pancho’ was released, Lynda Filler’s insatiable appetite for high anxiety in exotic places will leave the reader breathless!

Central to this fast-paced story of young and feisty Peace, a red-headed dynamo who, through the anguish of the recent loss of her mother, finds the beauty and serenity of the seaside village of San Pancho on the Pacific coast of Mexico to be the perfect location to begin her unrelenting search for a father she has never known.

Newfound friend Jared, a rugged and buff heartthrob, extends a supportive hand to Peace during her quest to come to terms with her past and present. All the while, the senseless destruction and killing of innocent nearby village families marks yet another swift and devastating assault by the CIA, DEA and Federales on a mission to capture the elusive and most-wanted Mexican drug cartel crime lord ‘El Chapo’.

Front to back, this gripping novella brings an adrenalin rush of anticipation as scenes play out from the caramel sands of San Pancho. Cascading surf and the fragrance of wild jasmine, combined with scents of the local cuisine, are scintillating. In stark contrast are the dense jungles climbing high into the mountain interface, torrid killing zones where swift and deadly force is waged to weed out a relentless Sinaloa drug cartel and its elusive crime boss.

Tearful and increasingly apprehensive, Peace seeks out clarity through an all-seeing local village Tarot reader who enlightens and proffers a window of opportunity and hope for the young, bereaved woman to reach out and embrace what was in her past and will be in her future that lies ahead.

Embattled by conflicting emotions, Peace finds purpose through the care of grief-stricken children whose sleepless nights and memory-torn days of explosive violence and the death of their beloved parents leaves them orphaned and desperate for love, safe haven and caring.

Nothing hurts more than the pain and anguish seen through the eyes of innocent children.


Narco Orphans copy

2 thoughts on “Narco Orphans NEW RELEASE

  1. Narco Orphans is yet another in your growing library of novels and novellas Lynda. An excellent read, as they all have been, and all worthy additions to our personal library collections. I love the characters and the storylines really are nail biting, edge of our seat page turners! Congratulations on this newest of your writings. Among the many you continue to be one of the exceptional few!

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  2. Reblogged this on Don MacIver; poetry & prose and commented:

    Author Lynda Filler has once again authored an exceptional story in Narco Orphans! I loved this, the sixth in her popular and growing novellas. Definitely a must read friends!

    Lynda Filler has a distinctive writing style, the kind of reading experience that leaves her readers turning pages until the story is read front to back. The only other question readers surely have is when the next gem is due out! If you love thriller, suspense, mystery and contemporary romance, Lynda Filler is a marvelous read. Give this a read for sure and check out her growing library of authored works on Amazon Kindle today. This author is destined for bestseller lists. Count on it!

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