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THE LOVE FIX             http://goo.gl/XOtXaV

LOVE REHAB              http://goo.gl/A8yh0t

I (SPY) LOVE              https://goo.gl/myEgt6



write of the essence of life, our yearning for connection with the one and the One. The poetry is contemporary without rules, guided by a searching heart. The words are at times gritty, always thought provoking and timeless. An intimate view of passion, cyber sex, obsession and death fill the pages. Black and White photographs tell their own story, complement the poetry–or not. I give you my naked heart.

3 thoughts on “The Poetry Collection by Lynda Filler

  1. Having seen your powerfully engaging works in these three volumes, Lynda, I can honestly attest to the strong emotional pull one senses while pouring through your words…like an unstoppable gravitational pull on the heart, mind and soul.

    Readers will relate in such a deeply personal way to your edgy, curvaceous words and the rhythmic pulsations of longing, heartbreak and recovery to love again. First rate Lynda!

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  2. Reblogged this on lasting impressions editing and commented:

    Friends, I discovered Lynda Filler years ago through literary channels and here she is today publishing beautifully crafted contemporary works in her own distinct styling of poetry and prose. If you’ve read her novels (and you really should) you will find the same edgy, sexy emotions flowing through her words in each of these three exceptional publications. These are NOT the kind of books you’ll read once a shelve. Check out ‘love’ in all its many shapes, colors and fragrances today!

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