I’ve enjoyed Lynda Filler’s “Jet” series and was eager to read her book, “Target in the Sun”. Winning an autographed copy in a contest I never expected such a compelling story. The book is written …

Source: “Target in the Sun” by Lynda Filler

One thought on ““Target in the Sun” by Lynda Filler

  1. ‘Target in the Sun’ is a multi-faceted, multi-layered journey through discovery, fear and a powerful urgency, an anticipation for what may come page after page. This is what truly intrigues me about Lynda Filler’s writing; the connection she builds between the reader and the pages. The storyline is powerfully endearing and draws emotions from the reader that intensify the whole experience tenfold. The whole approach to this edgy novel was unique and compelling. And so, the anxiety builds as we await Lynda Filler’s next gem among jewels!

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