Yes, I’m the work in progress that must be pushed, shoved, cajoled into creative action, refusing to allow mundane projects and the real world to distract me.

My Muse calls. I chat, Tweet, FB, and grudgingly return to words scrambled, repetitious adjectives and boring descriptions…

It takes days to finish 4 dynamic sentences necessary to complete the front/the back and the blurbs. It’s much easier to write the novel than those marketing words that cry out for attention, pull you in, and seduce you into buying my books.

The attention of this creative is easily distracted by Dance Moms and America’s Next Top Model. I know, embarassing to admit, time wasted on cheap drama and social media wannabees.

img_5707Despite this predisposition to compulsive procrastination, I’ve finished VANISHED in the SUN, book 2 in the story of Carlos and Mia. Yes, finished. In case you’re curious the lovers have been in Ibiza, witness protection. They want to come home to Puerto Vallarta, but is it safe? This is another high anxiety fast-paced thriller. And full of surprises, of course.

In last night’s news, El Chapo crossed the border under cloak of darknes extradited by the biggest consumer of illegal drugs in the world, the USA. Many believed the first book in the Carlos and Mia series, TARGET in the SUN, to be the story of a young El Chapo. As the author I must say that “any resemblance to persons living or dead is simply a co-incidence.”

Coming soon!

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