F A C E B O O K … Is it relevant in your marketing plan? If not, looks like it should be. See what Don MacIver, SEO Guru has to say.

Don MacIver, Freelance Proofreading & Editing

alheva_facebookHave you captured a presence on Facebook? The giant social media platform has garnered a huge audience reach as the leading social marketing platform on the internet today. Have you seen measurable results from that marketing reach or focused in another direction out of frustration?

Social media marketing efforts in today’s business environment face abundant challenges yet not insurmountable by any means. Social media platforms have undergone remarkable change over the years and will continue to evolve to address changes in the marketplace, search engine algorithms and how internet users ultimately utilize those platforms.

Seeking to establish and develop brand awareness and harness lead capture can indeed be frustrating for many businesses challenged with a juggle between available marketing capital , time and human resources to pursue marketing objectives to best advantage. An effective strategy is essential to your successes and without that strategy effectively implemented your efforts could well…

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2 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing; Audience Reach for Business on Facebook

  1. Lynda, thank you so much for sharing this post. So much on the subject is confusing and frustrating for many yet critically important for those marketing a business, product, service or cause online today. It takes considerable ongoing research to stay on top of ever-changing dynamics of social media platforms. Facebook continues to rank the leader with a huge and ever-increasing user count…a remarkable platform that presents a tremendous opportunity for those who can tap into such a large targeted market.

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