In 1970, Chilean poet Pablo Neruda (1904-1973) sat down for an interview with The Paris Review just months before abandoning his campaign for president, running as the Chilean Communist Party candidate. American author Rita Guibert conducted the interview at Neruda’s home in Isla Negra, just south of Valparaiso: Oh, there is no advice to give to […]

via Pablo Neruda on the Intersection of Politics and Poetry — Longreads

2 thoughts on “Pablo Neruda, on the Intersection of Politics and Poetry, Longreads

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    Friends, once again I am sharing an article posted by Linda Filler. Poet Pablo Neruda is an exceptional poet of the people. His connection through his writing is quite extraordinary. Lynda and I are both poets and befriended each other countless years ago among our mutual online literary locations. Among the more contemporary of poets comparatively, Nerudo had such a distinctive, engaging style of poetic verse. You don’t have to be a fan of poetry to connect with his words.

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