One of the best things about being a reader of indie authors is watching them develop and master their craft from book to book. I have been able to do that with Lynda Filler and her Carlos and Mia series, with first Target in the Sun and now the sequel, Vanished in the Sun.Although I did really enjoy Target in the Sun, there were some issues about Filler’s style that I found grated a little on me, in that book. In Vanished in the Sun, I’m pleased to say that she has addressed these issues and like any good indie author has become more eloquent and more adventurous in her plots. Vanished in the Sun takes up the story of Mia and Carlos some time after their escape from Mexico to Spain to avoid Carlos’ drug cartel family after Carlos had shopped them all to the FBI. In Vanished in the Sun we see a lot more focus on characters who were only bit players in Target. Lucia and Sofia become main characters in this story with excellent plot arcs for them.What I found with Lynda Filler and Vanished in the Sun is that she is growing as a writer all the time and this is a fantastic sign for what will still be to come from her pen.Vanished in the Sun is a fast-moving, realistic, thriller that is absolutely appropriate and timely in today’s current environment. What is really happening inside the Mexican drug war? Filler’s wonderful novel gives one possible scenario. If you like fast-paced thrillers, this is the book for you.Thoroughly enjoyed this read and look forward to reading more in the future from this talented author who is clearly growing in confidence with every book.Please do pop on over to my website and check out the many hundreds of books I’ve read and reviewed. Who knows? You may well find your next exciting read amongst these wonderful books.


Source: A Thriller – Vanished in the Sun by Lynda Filler (A Review)

2 thoughts on “A Thriller – Vanished in the Sun by Lynda Filler (A Review)

  1. Our writing must ever evolve in order to grow and further engage. As a child in its nurturing, we think we have mastered the conceptual scripture of writing best practices until another life experience or storyline brainstorm strikes like a bolt of lightning into newer and greater concepts and realities.

    Nothing like learning from those who have seemingly mastered the craft into bestseller status to a mass audience. Few reach such lofty heights in these times.

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