How do you plot? Or do you? When I wrote my first novella, JET-Exposed fanfiction for Russell Blake’s JET  series I followed his direction and plotted. I use an Excel spread sheet and then refer back for each subsequent JET story when plotting the next.

I discovered this screenshot of JK Rowling‘s method amongst over 10,000 photos. I have no idea where I found it but could be on one of the news sites. Credit goes to some amazing author who shared this. I hope it inspires.

I’ve recently come across a book recommended by Toby Neal USA Today Best Selling Author, who loves and uses the methods described in Take Off Your Pants! Outline Your Books For Faster Better Writing. by Libbie Hawker. I will definitely incorporate her ideas into my plotting.

When JKR wrote the first Harry Potter book she used a typewriter. This one above is the handwritten plotting for her fifth book. I wonder if she’s moved to a computer yet. Either way, she’s written the most compelling stories so there’s something to be gained by plotting. Do you agree?

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