I bow to her words… she is an inspiration every single day to millions of us…

4 thoughts on “A Gift to Start Your Week: Maya Angelou

  1. What a significant loss to the world the day that Maya Angelou passed away, just over three years ago. Having a shared passion for poetry and prose, I have long revered Angelou as a brilliant mind in our time. Her tenacity and perseverance in a prejudiced, intolerant, and ignorant world were truly inspirational.

    That we continue to pay homage to someone of such significance in the literary world and on so many other levels keeps the candle burning. Maya Angelou now rests among the brightest of stellar lights we gaze upon in wonder now and always.

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    1. lOVE your words, yes. I was listening to her talk about the time she didn’t speak after she was raped at 7 years of age. For 5 years all she did was read and memorize. Astounding education. I’m re-reading I know Why the Caged Bird Sings… and as I read it, I remember so many things that stood out before.


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    In Tribute; Maya Angelou

    On May 28th just past came the third anniversary of this gifted soul’s passing. I vividly recall seeing video features such as the one I am sharing here today, awe-inspired by this gifted soul who, during her lifetime, experienced more challenge and adversity than any human being should ever have to. Still, she rose above those difficult life challenges to spread a powerful message to the people.

    Take a look, take in Maya Angelou’s perspective and please do SHARE THIS so that others may engage and discover her gift as their own. While there, browse through author/poet Lynda Filler’s posts for the discovery of the many gifts she has to share.

    I hope this video brings the same smile to you that it has once again for me. Enjoy!


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