The last day my lovelies… I’m so grateful for all the support I receive for my work from friends, family, fans, #twitterverse #RRBC #IARTG and almost 19K followers on #twitter and my Quora world, Face Book Author page, LOVE The Love Beats On page, #Instagram #KindleWorlds #Amazon and on and on. This has been my best promo yet! YOU ROCK MY WORLD!

Enjoy VANISHED in the Sun  Last day FREE



9 thoughts on “YOU ROCK MY WORLD!

  1. Vanished in the Sun is among a host of Lynda Filler novels written with the many flavors and nuances to this writer’s storytelling arsenal that makes her an exception and without hesitation first in class.

    To Lynda, I express my thanks for your unwavering focus on your increasingly large following, a readership who crave the luster of distinctive, romantic and exciting. Cookie cutter serial penmanship is clearly out. Readers want more; the well-crafted, smartly spun, evocative, sensual edge to their reading trip that no other author has the nerve nor the savvy to produce.

    To inspire, to excite, to grip the reader in fear, carry them to the heights of their roller coaster ride and then plunge them into depths of vertical dive that no-one imagined possible in a fictional journey. You serve up an adventure of light and dark, fear and deception, fiercely deceptive and insidious greed , feast and well-fed anticipation and the surprise conclusion…it’s all there. We love you Lynda Filler…now give us more!

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    1. A little blush never hurt a soul the last time I peeked out from under the cover of darkness and into the light, Lynda! hahaha! Your library grows ever in response to the great anticipation of yet another global adventure, the ties that bind for your eager readers. Be blessed always with the inspiration that channels great storytelling the likes of the fictional greats that precede you…and pay it forward as you always do.

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      1. Thanks Don. I’m taking a creative breather but… I have this naughty manuscript. It burns with passion SEX FOR MONEY. I’m re-reading it… I wrote it a few years ago… Shall I publish it? That’s my self-talk these days.

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        1. The spiced up manuscript sounds interesting, Lynda! The one thing you will want to do is decide whether you want to establish your brand through a specific genre, as many bestseller authors do. To mix it up right now may dilute your audience who are currently faithful to your thriller suspense themes. That is more of a literary agent question.

          Regardless, I am absolutely sure that you will do it justice and it will be an exceptional read!


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