Enjoy fellow #RRBC and #WRISA Book Tour Showcase!

Hello, bloggers!!

For the entire month of August, Rave Reviews Book Club is celebrating RWISAwith a Showcase Tour. And if you know me, you know I absolutely LOVE sharing my site with others and showering them with support. Join us, won’t you?

RWISA TOUR (1) (1)

Introducing Laurie Finkelstein…


The bulk, padding, and steel plates weigh me down. The protection of a bulletproof vest is necessary. No matter the weather, I wear the cloak. The weight is a burden, but I trek on because wrapped is the only way to navigate my journey. The jacket protects my heart from being blown to crimson shards of death.

A direct hit is avoided for days and nights, lulling me into calm and complacency. “All will work out fine,” I tell myself. The truth tells a story I want to change. All my will and might does not make an impact to stop the…

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