What does it mean when a boy gets hard?

Lynda Filler, Author, Writer, Poet, Blogger at Lynda Filler Author (2009-present)

Do you think only boys get hard?

I’m female and I can tell you that when I see a hot guy, one that turns me on, I can’t control how my body feels either. That’s what it is. Attraction makes you hard. For me it’s a look in the eyes, a sexy smile, a good body combined with killer eyes, and I feel that heat right between my thighs!

I’ve always fallen for great conversation too. So wit and personality do it for me. But It’s attraction not love. Although there is something to say for “love at first sight.” It happens. But most of the time it’s lust or attraction. And both of those are fleeting, that means not necessarily something to build a relationship on or to get excited about.

I’d be in trouble if I was a guy!

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