Body Guard


w h i s p e r i n g

a song, a word, a tease

messages meant for many

lonely women

wounded birds flocked


promises of light, love eternal

cloaked in comfort, sexual innuendo

earthy pleasures

u n r e q u i t e d

sensual desires

a l w a y s  d e n i e d


it’s been years

unbearable lonely years


how many sunrises

have I watched

without you

how many nights

have I lain alone

wishing you were near

that I might kiss your heartbeat

wishing I could stroke your hand

fill your soul with my love


the yearning I feel for you

o v e r w h e l m s

f a n t a s i e s

of how we would fill

every part of each other

play over and over

in my mind


body guard

make love to me



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