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That made me smile. I’ve always used a different word: Loner. I love my own company and always have. I read/write/do photography/travel/work. I’ve never been the ‘clingy’ girlfriend. And I have to tell you unless it’s a personal attack on my nature, heart, the core of who I am, I don’t give a damn what people think.

I live alone and like it a lot. The people who are in my life are fully aware that I choose to “misfit” into the real world. I’m a poet/writer/artist/dreamer/lover and I don’t want to change my happy state and life. So I warn friends in advance that I will say ‘no’ to most activities for no particular reason. I’m not a party person. Give me a one-on-one deep conversation about life, and love and passion and you’ve got my attention.

I will not fight with you, disagree with your politics nor steal your boyfriend or husband. On the other hand, I don’t want to hear about your self-induced problems: your faulty marriage, the job you hate, or the disappointments in your life. I am not that sympathetic friend. Now if you’re having a torrid love affair, an online fling, or have fired your boss, I might listen. I believe we are all responsible for our own happiness. It’s not the responsibility of society, our spouse, our bf or our families to make us happy.

When you live the way I do, when you choose to misfit, if you’re unhappy you have only one person to blame—yourself!

Do you agree??



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