Someone Stole


I try to remember


I go back

but there are years, blank years

why is that?


I have a few photos

they don’t speak to me

(maybe I’m a Russian sleeper)

who are these people?

the little girl with blond curls,

           the rag dolly she carries by one leg

           a defiant expression on her two year old face

           a mother, watching, never touching


I should feel something, shouldn’t I?


“Memories, may be beautiful and yet

What’s too painful to remember

We simply choose to forget”

is it really the Way We Were?


tradition amnesia

shallow roots

hollow words,

echoes of a life

i n c o m p l e t e


I surrender to those dark years

I need to know


In knowing what has been denied

will I find peace?


someone stole my memories

you can keep all the bad stuff

but I want my love memories back





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