DSC_0103 - Version 2

I found you lurking in (MY)space

our relationship began with confusion

moved on to peel away layers of illusion

progressed to disillusion

and yet


I can’t seem to turn away


I cursed you

refused to converse with you

deleted, refuted, denied your cyber presence

all the while knowing that if you had skin

I was embedded underneath it

pushing your buttons

inflating member(s)

pumping up the volume of your deceitful heart

pretending (to myself)

that I was special


and all the while

you play(ed) me

and I play(ed) you

neither of us wanting to let go


I never bought the grill

(I did buy that “something satin with lace”)

I never trusted your promises

although I wanted to believe your true lies


so here we lie years later

volumes of heart space occupied by smoke

mirroring each other

never making the connection


with our fantasies
© Lynda Filler, True Lies   I (Spy) Love

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