One of the best parts of my job as a professional book reviewer is discovering new indie talent, but even more importantly watching that writing talent grow and mature over the years and the books. This is very much the case with this author, Lynda Filler. I had read some of her earlier books and although I enjoyed them and I had a feeling there was something special about her writing and her stories, it is only now, with her latest book, Lie To Me, that I can see that talent literally explode onto the page and excite me, as a reader.
Lie to Me, is a hard-hitting, powerful story about male prostitution in Mexico, as told through the eyes of Layla, an American writer who lives in Puerto Vallarta and writes, freelance for a magazine in the US, and also through the individual male prostitute’s perspectives. Layla is fascinated by both the older men and women who come to Mexico looking for sex and the young, Mexican men who provide it for them, for a fee. What motivates them and how do they cope with the emotional attachments that so often invariably form? Layla also has her own personal demons and is convinced that love, especially with a young Mexican man, is not only silly but counterproductive to her work. she loves the sex, but shuns the attachments, or at least tries desperately hard to do so.
Lie to Me is incredibly well written, tight, taut, descriptive, and everything I’d expect from a long-time, well-established, professional author. It thrills me to see the depth of the writing and the emotions Filler is now able to extract from her work. This is a wonderful story of an alternative lifestyle that may well be eye-opening for some, but fascinating nonetheless. For me, it gave me an insight into a world I knew existed, but like Filler, I guess I wondered how it all worked for the participants. I wonder no more and that is totally due to Filler’s excellent work.
I would definitely recommend this read to anyone who has secretly yearned to escape the rat-race, if even for a short time and indulge in the pleasures and the exotic mystery of another race and culture. With Lies to Me, you can do that, without any attendant risk. A fantastic read and all credit to the author, Lynda Filler. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.
5 Stars.  Grant Leishman

7 thoughts on ““Explode onto the page”

    1. Thanks for your comment Putri. I can’t truly speak for Mr.Greishman but because he has become a fan of my work I know more about him than I do most professional reviewers. He is also a full time author. I work at several things that bring income, but writing is my passion for sure. And health and wellness are​ another. Thanks for reading the review on LIE to ME.

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  1. I would definitely like to read this book. Can you tell me from a reviewers perspective what it is about a book that attracts you to it and helps to form your opinion on it?

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  2. I’m responding to this on behalf of Grant, even though he may stop by and answer your question. I started publishing novellas–my JET series in 2015–I’m working on my 5th one right now. My first novel was published in 2016, TARGET in the SUN. That’s when Mr. Leishman discouvered my work and started a communication as a reviewer. I would say that my stories are always ‘different.’ My point-of-view is not the normal way of writing. For example, in TARGET in the Sun, Mia and Carlos tell each other their secrets via email–not necessarily in person. That’s an intriguing author style that Grant had never encountered. He loved the story and the way it was written. Its a romantic suspsense contemporary novel available on Amazon at After discouvering this novel, he started reading my other work. Book two VANISHED in the SUN, touches on romance, and a social event that stunned the Human Rights Commission. It’s brave to take on the drug cartels in my writing but I do it anyways. And then Lie to Me an exposé on sex for money is about something quite unusual yet again. Another reviewer says it ‘defies Coelho’s Eleven Minutes.” Grant Leishman is a great proponent of Indie Authors. He is also a professional reviewer for Readers’ Favorite and he was most anxious to review this work.
    As the author I can tell you I held my breath waiting for his review. I’m overwhelmed with his opinion and honored that he see’s so much in my work.
    Thanks for your comment.


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