A great summary and review for Lie To Me an exposé on sex for money.

Between the Beats

lie fillerAvailable on Amazon

Author Lynda Filler has created more than a fictional expose of sex for money. Lie to Me explores the world of young men in Puerto Vallarta who have found women and men willing to pay for the pleasure of their company. Caught up in this is Layla Duncan, a writer for a women’s magazine. Fascinated by the men who trade sex for money, she decides to write an article about their lives. As she interviews men, young and middle aged, she finds herself developing friendships with her subjects. They become more than names on a page as their personal lives are exposed.

Initially she plans to interview several men and write a short article. But, as her involvement becomes deeper, she thinks there is enough material for a full-length book. Pressed by her magazine publisher to get the article finished, Layla realizes she has more than enough…

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