I love lists! I should compile them, I make enough of them, I write them and never read them. There’s something about turning a 25-minute video into a 10 Rules for Success Graphic. After all, Tony Robbins doesn’t say it has to be difficult or taste bad, for it to be good for you!

So here’s the list. I love #5. That’s the one I struggle with a lot on an artistic/creative front. And #8 is a killer if you’re your own boss. Lynda Filler Author answers to a boss: Lynda Filler! But along with the motivated, inspired, focused, creative is a woman who loves watching Say Yes to the Dress, loves to cry, and feels total physical withdrawal if she can’t find a fixer-upper program to watch online.

For you courtesy of Evan Carmichael 

  1. Be Hungry
  2. Raise your Standards
  3. Decide to be Happy
  4. Master One Thing
  5. Don’t Give Up
  6. Live in a State of Gratitude
  7. Learn from FailureScreen Shot 2018-01-08 at 9.25.28 PM
  8. Stay Disciplined
  9. Take Calculated Risks
  10. Keep the Momentum Going


What’s your favorite?





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