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my heart has many rooms

and in these rooms

I find old stories

sadness, pain, loss

and incredible moments

of joy

and love


I would not (ex)change

the lows

for were they not

a high waiting to happen?

were they not a fearful no

aching to become a jubilant yes!


if I fill my heart

with love(s)

one day I am sure

there will be no room

for bad

or sad

and (love) memories will sustain me

as I find my way Home


© Rooms, I (Spy) Love 


I (Spy) Love



5 thoughts on “Rooms… a poem

    1. Thanks Don. This seems to have been a poem that resonates with many. It’s impossible to go through life without some type of drama/trama but we have a choice in how we meet it… Rooms–one of my favorites also. Thanks for sharing with your readers.


  1. Reblogged this on Don MacIver; poetry & prose and commented:

    Friends, it is not too often in our lives that we connect on a deeply personal level through our readings. Author & poet Lynda Filler is one of those few individuals whose penship is the exception. Her gifted, signature style is taking her on a marvelous journey and her successes in publishing her written works is of no surprise to me at all.

    Read Lynda Filler and follow her here on WordPress. She is indeed a gem among jewels.


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