LOVE this. You always wonder when entering into the realm of sex on the written page, if you’re on the right path. This is a perfect explanation of what to say and what to leave out!


Even though sex is the driving force of life (someone once said that it’s hereditary: if your parents didn’t have sex, you won’t either), if you were to go through the books in your house, you’d rarely stumble upon a few pages of erotic fiction. Nabokov, Miller, or maybe Updike, Anaïs Nin or Catherine Millet.

Maybe it’s because erotica is rarely taken seriously by writers, or perhaps intelligent, well-written erotica is more difficult to write than most people would think.

The most important aspect of writing about sex is to go beyond the superficial, and to focus on the aspects that truly matter. Here are some rules on writing erotic fiction:

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