This is a perfect complement to my blog with quotes from Paulo Coelho. Thanks so much, WEBB Wisdom

Webb Wisdom

Failure is a detour, not a dead-end street (Zig Ziglar).  Many people (myself included) have quit in the face of a failure as if that was the end of it.  It really wasn’t the end–it was only an out of the way path which could have still led to ultimate success.  The difference between succeeding and failing is the willingness to keep trying.  As long was we don’t give up we have not failed–we are just still in the process of succeeding.  Learning from failure can led to improvements and knowledge that will ultimately unlock the door to accomplishment.  Very few things are accomplished on the first attempt.  Most things do take practice and some trial and error learning. I am the master of trial and error learning as it seems much of my lessons have been learned the hard way.  While I do admit I’ve given up prematurely on…

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