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Take a walk on the wild side while Layla explores the sensual and sexy side of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
Lie to Me is insanely captivating, entertaining and exciting. It’s a spellbinding story that explores the psychology of sex in a way that defies Coelho’s Eleven Minutes.” R. Dzemo 5 Stars Readers Favorite Review


How many lives have been ruined for the pleasure of an orgasm?
Forty-something Layla Duncan has a dangerous obsession with men who sell steamy sexual encounters to vacationing women in Puerto Vallarta. She infiltrates the underworld of male prostitution, interviews several men and begins to write a mesmerizing exposé of their lives.
What do you do when the lines between your personal life and professional assignment become blurred? Layla finds herself questioning her value system in a titillating yet disturbing way.
Sparks fly one night when she takes a break from her writing and meets the sensual twenty-something Mateo at a local nightclub. The charismatic young Mexican man seems oblivious to his powerful sexual aura but is immediately turned on by Layla. The one-night-stand turns into sporadic hook-ups, while two emotionally damaged lovers long for something neither can put into words.

Lynda Filler has once again delivered a fast-paced, sexy and sometimes gut-wrenching page-turner that will unnerve you and leave you breathless.



5 thoughts on “If you think only men pay for sex, you’re wrong!

  1. Yeah! You are right, but I’m not convinced with the fact that much. There are a lot of things to be considered before making that notation. But I must say the book you wrote is awesome & I would like to read more of your books, as a reader…, a request I’m making to the author.

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    1. Hmm, author is waiting for her Muse/collaborator to aid in ideas for a new series. Otherwise, there is a second Lie To Me in finished-first-draft status. Thanks for your “awesome” comment.

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        1. My Collab is too busy chatting on Twitter and wasting his time to help out… I may have a new position opening up. Are you interested? I understand you have a read a “few” books and have some talent?

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