The Vow

© Lynda Filler, Real Love 2018


you read my sad, accept my lows

you take me high, make me slow

my mind

and time, our time stands still


can you imagine how high we can go

or will it die all that we know we are

before we begin 


it happens once 

sometimes never, for some

and when it does

let it be

let it flow

take the beauty, take the love, the passion

let it fortify

a journey, sometimes sad

fraught with turmoil


take the love

it’s meant for you

it’s all I have

it’s all I am

all I want to be

one, when I’m with you


place your head upon my lap

let me love you

let me take away your worries, allow me in

there is no wrong, no shame, no blame

love is all there is


across time and space

we’ve got the gift the world is waiting for

embrace the moments, take the high

let it fill your heart


and in your dark hours 

when you are alone

fighting for a world

that disappoints and hurts your heart

remember me

wherever I am, remember my love

the gift you gave me

the time we allowed our love to thrive, alive

beyond age and time

beyond reason and sanity

we basked in its joy and purity

and we loved each other

until time

until infinity


and if you need to leave me

I will let you go


© The Vow, Real Love 2018

2 thoughts on “The Vow

  1. Lynda, you are an exception in the literary universe, truly. You express with a connection to heart and soul that so few have in this day. The read is profound, moving, deeply engaging and I find myself drawn into something that fully takes me back and moves me forward with a thought process that is so rare today. We live within the words, take it all deep into our pores and bask in its tender, knowing moments; beautiful. Thank you for this and so much more.

    Your old friend across the miles. Hugs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, you’re very kind Don. I’d gotten away from poetry but in the last few weeks started writing it again. It’s always been like journaling for me… I was thinking of you also. Big changes at Amazon, the entire KindleWorlds going away so busy rewriting and I have a new bad-ass heroine Samaar- code named LUCI. I’d forgotten how much fun it is to read that series. So 5 novellas, 1 prequel and a 6th will be a book. Super busy. Hope you are well and that your life is beautiful.


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