I came across this intriguing question and answer. With permission from the person who wrote the response, I’d like to share her answer with you.

What do you think?

It rocked my world completely.

It threw my life into great chaos. I was in a ‘challenging’ marriage that I didn’t want to leave because of the children. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t work it out.

And then, out of nowhere, a young man came into my life and saved my life. We met over books–the reading of them. We talked from 1 in the morning until I boarded an airplane at 3 in the afternoon. I cried for the entire journey. It was not love at first sight—it was a conversation, a meeting of two very lost people. And then I realized that it was love. I never thought I could fall in love with someone so much younger. But I did. And he did. And yes, we had our challenges for sure. But they had nothing to do with age.

This is what I took away from that relationship that lasted several years.

1. Age is just a number.

2. Souls meet when they are supposed to, for a reason.

3. Don’t make excuses to friends or family because the world will never accept or understand you and your lover.

4. Most everyone will believe it’s some kind of financial arrangement. Ignore the chatter, it will only hurt you.

5. Souls have no age, do not exist in time. They just understand that when they meet, they’ve found a connection that both of you have been waiting for your whole life.

6. He saved my life and rescued me from drowning.

7. Accept that eventually, you will need to move on—more than likely.

At a point, I had to ask him to go. It wasn’t about our relationship, but about a healing journey, he needed to take.

If I ever needed anything, he’s the first person I would reach out to for help. And he would be there for me in a heartbeat.

© Reprinted with permission


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10 thoughts on “Has anyone ever been in love with a man/woman 27 years younger than​ themselves? How did it work out?

  1. I think there have long been misconceptions about the sustainability of a marriage with that kind of age difference. I too have harbored such concerns.

    How can we prejudge the outcome of a relationship merely be the years between us? When we first meet someone, do we know them at all? Do we have a profound understanding of the person merely be the clothes they wear, their appearance, their perspective on a handful of issues upon meeting? Of course not. Love is all about an unwavering happiness and devotion to each other; not necessarily in the marital sense or long-term commitment, but how you come together as two individuals who seek love, friendship, respect, and companionship.

    I am going through a divorce at present and so much of these questions have come to the surface. I have had two long-term marriages yet they both lost what they once had…and failed. I have struggled with this very question of age difference and the deeper I examine the issue, the clearer the answer becomes. If we are two people happily in love and we connect in ways important to each other, nothing else really matters. That age-old misnomer about “what will people think?” should never become part of one’s desire for another.

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