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1. I live inside my mind. Thoughts build up in there to the point where I’m searching madly for somewhere to write them down.

2. Reading others’ words excite me and fill me with joy, or peace, or love, or passion—it’s the way I interact in my world.
3. When I compose a poem, a one-liner, a plot, or a book, I’m lost at that moment. Nothing else exists in my universe. The world stops.
4. No one can enter my mind unless I invite them in. That’s powerful. “I live in my own little world. They know me here.”
5. Language has the power to move us to tears. Lyrics break hearts, a stunning poem can make us cry, we can get lost for hours in a good novel, or change the world because of something an influential person has shared with us.
6. Words seduce us, inspire us to feats of greatness, send messages of love, heal others who are in pain and suffering.
How can I sum up the feeling I get when I complete one of my novels? Or when I finished my memoir?

Writing is the sum of all the fantastic parts of living our lives. Where would we be without the written word? Where would my fingers and my mind find a home?

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