Rohith Kumar
Rohith Kumar, studied at University BDT College of Engineering


  1. Our goals aren’t so strong enough, clear well defined planned enough
  2. We haven’t learned to be self-organized, self-disciplined, have that patience and tested our skills, talent and potential to do what we set our goals
  3. We are tangled to our past, tangled to our abilities to outperform, tangled to believe that whatever we set goals it’s too trivial for this time to do.
  4. We over calculated the tasks how easy it is to achieve or undercalculated what’s required from us to achieve that goal
  5. We haven’t made written truthful introspection of our activities, capabilities, strengths, weakness, and risk towards this goal
  6. We are actually slacker but think that we are lazy and all those great quotes seams just made for us to feel “good”.
  7. We think we know people, everyone who could be so useful to help for our goal, while we are alone in this path
  8. We need constant motivation and goal mostly is motivated than a self-inspired decision.
  9. We are unhealthy, bad food. lifestyle, low concentration, and willpower.
  10. We got a bad circle of friends, relatives, and family who pamper whatever we do
  11. We are covered by many distractions which so easily get the higher priority than the goal
  12. We haven’t found a fun way to achieve that goal and mostly think of the good feeling of accomplishment.
  13. We have all the information about how to get things done but don’t know how to do it. (Like all the above points)

These I think could be the reason quite often we procrastinate. Will add more if I think something fits in.

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