LOVE this from my friend, fellow author/poet and editor, Don Maciver.

Don MacIver; Moments in Poetry

ernest-imoesi-1509639-unsplashFeel the gentle whispers of a waking dawn

yawning in the bristle of sun shadow down

stretching and poised as chattels on the mantle

can you feel the brightness, anticipation

caressing your emotions, rising, inspired

fingertips extended, a touch in wanting

peaks and chasms unfolding splendor and light

behold, your wonderment pinnacles, glory

photo by Ernest Imoesi on


See the journey of single waterdrop’s fall

draped upon ledges as tinsel trailing

smell the freshness, clinging moistness declaring

a sensual likeness, bountiful cleansing

rugged gentleness sights of pleasuring

bathe in its sanctity, honor its story

as mythical lore, drifting clouds of heavens

revealing, they sanctify goodness, healing

photo by Eberhard Grossgasteiger on

justin-aikin-1452080-unsplashphoto by Justin Aiken on UnSplash

Sense the rush of an oncoming storm

darkening mass of listless rolling

clouds on the edge of tempered showing

as winds of haunting shadow, land and sea

a brooding…

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2 thoughts on “Breathless Echoes of Your Soul

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this piece, Lynda. As always, the passion to stir the emotions flows with ease and determination. My greatest love through all these years of writing & publishing has always been the emotional response readers have when they engage in my poetry, prose, and even the occasional romantic lyrical verse thrown in for good measure!

    As always, Lynda, my best to you always with your publishing endeavors. You have such a gift and I was really quite taken by the strength and enduring response even from your very first release!


    1. Thanks Don. I’m working on book 7 in the Code Raven Series. Who would think that writing mystery/suspense/action could evoke emotion in the author, but it does. And that, I think, is where my true talent lies, like you, in evoking emotion from our readers.


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