Four years ago, many revelations hit the press.

I would never run for any political office. Not because I wouldn’t want to change the world, but I have things in my past I wouldn’t want to be put to public scrutiny. There’s good and bad in everyone’s life. No one is a saint. I’ve made my share of mistakes. I was divorced three times–I know, I shouldn’t blame myself for trying to ‘get it right.’ So I let it go and move on without regrets. Still, I wouldn’t want anyone vetting my life. But some people have no shame no matter how the public perceives it.

When Dr. Blasey-Ford spoke about her past, it dredged up memories for many women. I was almost ill with the numerous experiences in my life that I would never have reported starting with a police officer when I was 16 living in Ottawa, Canada. But that’s all part of life. If we want to grow to be healthy and happy, we have to work on our headspace and those events that can potentially destroy us.

I was criticized on Quora for an answer I wrote to the question, “How can I feel happy when so many bad things have happened in my life?” Well, I started my response with the words, “You are not going to like my answer.” It has since escalated from there. What I’m referring to is ‘growth.’ There’s a quote stating: Life is not what happens to you but how you choose to react to it.

We should be grateful that most of us live in a free world. We can make our own decisions. It’s called a democracy. So back to the title of my blog. Four years ago, an Access Hollywood tape came online. It was irrefutable evidence to the character of the man running for President of the “Greatest country in the world.” There was shock, horror, and disgust. But, as a group, you still voted for him. If a man has no respect for women, why would you think he would care for his country or his fellow man?

Wake up America.

We’re not laughing at you. We are in awe of your reasoning. Why would you refuse to wear a mask for your safety in the name of personal choice, or destroy cities as a means to support a cause? It’s mind-blowing. All you’re doing is hurting your own country and your neighbors. If most of the population voted for a man with a warped value system, why would you think he would suddenly have an abrupt change of heart and care about what is right for you?

We’re not laughing.

We always loved America and Americans.

We feel sad.

5 thoughts on “We’re not laughing at you!

  1. Well said, Lynda. I wouldn’t want to be vetted either. I am definitely sad at what has and is happening. I focus on the love and won’t be a part of the hate.

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