“Authoring” can be a very solitary angst-filled experience. Indie authors particularly make a daily decision to move forward or let it all go. The writing is pure joy but the fact that there is no publishing/marketing company behind us means we have to carry the added weight of every single aspect of our trade.

But there are magical moments that set your heart rate beating and remind you why you will always continue delivering the very best experience to your readers. Today is one of those days.

Thank you Dalip Shandil, Editor, Book Critic, owner of Chhayankan Vintage & Latest Magazines/BestSellers


DALIP rated it it was amazing! 5 Stars

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The Very First Thing That Comes To Mind After You Read & Absorbed Lynda Filler’s First Candid & Extremely Vivid Autobiography LOVE The Beat Goes On Are Those Classic Line From Sean Connery’s Classic James Bond Thriller ‘You Only Live Twice’ . Though Said In A Different Context The Profundity Only Sinks In After You Read This Autobiography.

The Intensity Of That Quote “You Only Live Twice Once When You Are Born And Once When You Look Death In The Face” Rings True As You Soak In The Depths Of That Quote That Is A Life Changer Once You Hard Stared Death Face To Face At Close Quarters.

Instinctively We Are So Wired That We Tend To Take A Lot Of Things For Granted Living In The Bubble That We Are Immortal And Death Is Something That Only Happens To Others.
In That Context LOVE The Beat Goes On Is An Eye Opener Of An Experience That Makes You Stop In Your Tracks And Ponder.

For Anyone Who Has Swung Between Life & Death Or Seen A Near & Dear One Suffer Does One Know The True Value Of Living Life Not Just One Day At A Time But Living Each Moment As Though It Maybe You Last. Then & Only Then Alone Can You Truly Value The True Worth Of Life As You Realise The Futility Of Making Plans For The Next 100 Years When You Don’t Know What Destiny Has In Story For You Tomorrow..Else You Could Be Living In A Dream Bubble That Could Burst Any Moment.

For All Those Of You Who Have Over The Years Experienced The Sheer Magic Of Lynda Filler Through Her Global Bestselling Novels Be It The Edge Of The Seat Code Raven Series Or The Jet World Series Or Even The Lie To Me Series Is But Just One Side Of Her Persona The Starkly Real Person That Is Lynda Filler Gives A Glimpse Of Herself Only In LOVE The Beat Goes On

When Fate Dealt Her A Knock-Out Punch Back In 2008 When Doctors Told Her That She Was On Borrowed Time And Against All Odds She Had Maximum 6 Months.
That Was Not The Beginning Of The End But Actually The End Of The Beginning.. Once The Harsh Reality Sank In And It Dawned On Her She Could Either Kill Herself Wallowing In Self Pity Or Live Every Split Second To The Hilt So As To Leave Behind Fond Memories For Those Whom She Loved And Those Who Adored Her.

Call It A Miracle Or Sheer Determination Coupled With The Will Of God That Those Doctors Who Had Given Her Six Months Of Borrowed Time Maximum Back In 2008 Have Been Proved Wrong As Life Goes On Even A Dozen Years Later.
Since That Nerve Shattering Experience At The Gates Of Death Lynda Filler Has Lived Life One Day At A Time Drowning Herself In The Moment.
The Dozen Years Since She Was Virtually Written Off Has Seen Lynda Filler Write Not Just Bestselling Novels But Has Also Penned Her Second Memoir “Cafe Confidential” To Give Her Readers A Glimpse Into The Transformation That Took Place And How She Has Led Her Life Taking Nothing For Granted.

If You Believe In Miracles This Read Shall Only Further Endorse Them More Firmly. And If You Think Miracles Are Nothing But Crutches For The Weak Then Think Again. Because Lynda Filler Is Living Proof Of How Life Can Turn Around Even Against All Odds!!! 


Thank you Dalip Chandil, you have totally made my day!

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