I’ve got you covered.

“Turn off that light and go to sleep!”

This was without a doubt my parents’ favorite bedtime refrain. Yes, I’m “that girl” who would read all night long if I could get away with it. I still do! Only now I get to write those books that keep you up all night until you reach “the end.”

These are strange and challenging times for all of us, so I decided to give away two of my 17 books. I have something for everyone. LIE to ME won best in Contemporary Fiction Social Issues. It’s a fascinating twist in the life of a young Mexican man and his older female lover.

Lie to Me: An Exposé on Sex for Money https://claims.prolificworks.com/free/DoBS7pkC

“is insanely captivating, entertaining and exciting. It’s a spellbinding story that explores the psychology of sex in a way that defies Coelho’s Eleven Minutes.” R. Dzemo 5 STARS READERS’ FAVORITE BOOK REVIEWS
From a “powerful and unforgettable” author and winner of the Best in Contemporary Fiction 2017 BTRC for Target in the Sun comes another powerful fictional story, Lie to Me, an exposé on sex for money.

Forty-something Layla Duncan, a women’s magazine writer, has a dangerous obsession with men who sell steamy sexual encounters to vacationing women in Puerto Vallarta. She infiltrates the underworld of male prostitution, interviews several men and begins to write a mesmerizing exposé of their lives.

How many lives have been ruined for the pleasure of an orgasm? Click the link to download a copy.

And for those who like MYSTERY and SUSPENSE, I’ve got you covered too!

DISPLACED, Code Raven 4.

After the termination of a sinister group intent on a cyber theft of billions of dollars in ULTIMATUM, the ex-Mossad assassin Luci and her four-year-old daughter Alice retire to an idyllic Raven Group safe house in a tranquil, remote beach town on the Bay of Banderas in Mexico.
The action kicks into overdrive when she receives a message: Get out now!

Click the link to download a copy.

If you love my distractions, please leave a few stars on Amazon or Goodreads. And thanks so much for reading my work!

Take care of yourself and your families.

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