Istanbul is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. There’s something magical about this intriguing city that one can’t quite explain. But for some reason it was meant to be a part of my destiny.

It began with a two-night layover in 2019. At the time I didn’t know where to find Turkey on a map! Was it in Europe? The Middle East? Asia? And where did the people come from? But
once I arrived in this culturally rich city I was blown away. If you’ve read my latest memoir Cafe Confidential, you know I sold everything I owned in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, packed one suitcase, and began the journey of a lifetime. Little did I know that in the past two years this city would awaken within me a deep love and curiosity for the culture, religion, and political issues of this region.
So, I have to ask. How does a single woman who should be comfortably planning her retirement end up with a young Turkish lover and a full-time life in a totally foreign country?

Naturally my curiosity has led me to explore the history, mores, Muslim faith, and where Turkey lives within the worldwide political climate. I’ve always considered myself to be educated and open minded but nothing prepared me for the dichotomy of both the people and their faith. I also feel that if I’d known there had been a bloody coup-attempt in 2016, I would never have stopped here even for two nights!

if you’re curious, I have three books that weave the history/mystery/love and travel. Two novels in the Code Raven Series and Cafe Confidential. All are beyond intriguing. This is truly Kismet.


1- purchase one or two books, on Amazon

2- send me a return email to this post telling me which you chose

3- then let me know which e-book from the 3 you would like me to send you ABSOLUTELY FREE!

And, as always, stay well and safe. Thank you for reading my books!

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