Istanbul, Turkey at night October 2021

I know, you absolutely never hear from me. I wish I had a good excuse. I’m writing every day but I can’t seem to become disciplined enough to write on my blog.

To be totally fair with me, I have an excuse! I’m deep into another memoir. Would you believe that would make 19 books on Amazon? And my third memoir. I never thought I would write about the past six months in my life, but as you know, I’m literally an open book. So expect more of the same–the good, the bad and the emotional drama that has packed my life for the last six months.

Today I came across this question and answer in Quora. I thought you might enjoy it. Yes, I’ve over 300K views on my work in Quora so you would think I’d be capable of keeping a proper blog going. But it’s almost New Year. Maybe that would be a good resolution for 2022.

Here goes:

This question previously had details. They are now in a comment. Lynda Filler, Successful Executive Sales Manager in Luxury BrandsUpdated Sep 2 · Upvoted by Smita Hopper, M.A Social Psychology, University of Mumba

What is the single most underrated trait a person can have?

It’s such a cliche I know you will not read further than the second sentence.

But, as a woman approaching 75 years of age, I think I’ve earned the right to set you straight :). Attitude. And I don’t mean give attitude. II’s so easy to become jaded about everything. Life will always be filled with setbacks, disappointments, lost love, divorces, problems with our children… I’m sure you can fill that negative list in a heartbeat.

But the most important yet underrated trait I’ve discovered is positive thinking. We can always alter our focus to celebrate the good things. You know in your heart there is always a way to put a positive spin no matter what life throws your way. Sure, it’s easier to wallow in self-pity but if we can put a spin on everything that doesn’t go our way, look at it from a different angle, our lives will be so much richer.

People are always telling me they can’t believe my age. I get it completely. It’s not about beauty or having an amazing body, it’s about the smile, the eyes, the wonder I can still find in this incredible world we live in. I find joy in the silliest things. I could give you a list that would make your head spin. But it keeps me young and filled with wonder.

Try it. It’s actually a fun way to approach our lives!

If you’re curious, read my latest memoir and find out how a Canadian girl living in Mexico ended up in ISTANBUL TURKEY! Cafe Confidential on Amazon.

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Add CommentLynda Filler · August 26

Someone texted me that they couldn’t find my books. My two memoirs… LOVE the Beat Goes On and CAFE CONFIDENTIAL are both on Amazon with 15 other books! Thanks.CAFE CONFIDENTIAL: An unfiltered and intimate memoir (Intimate and Unfiltered Memoirs)CAFE CONFIDENTIAL: An unfiltered and intimate memoir (Intimate and Unfiltered Memoirs)·4ReplyLynda Filler · September 6

That purple in your hair says it all! If you don’t stop having fun with your appearance at that age then I can only imagine how you approach life. I’m glad to see you healthy inside and out!Upvote·29Reply

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Lynda Filler · September 2

Thank you, what a beautiful compliment.Upvote·13Reply

Christine EveningsFall · August 21

I had a friend once, who wallowed in negativity. It was difficult to be her friend at times but she was worthwhile and I could see that.

Once she was talking about me with someone else, another teacher, and in exasperation she said, “Christine can always find something to laugh about. It’s so frustrating.… (more)Upvote·17Reply

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Lynda Filler · September 2

Ah, that is absolutely perfect. My morning has been challenging. I have something happening in my personal life. I literally sat here at Starbucks and made a decision that I wasn’t going to sweat it. Whatever happens, is meant to be and I should know by now, that this is how life goes.Upvote·11Reply

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Christine EveningsFallPeople misunderstand the phrase, “It’ll all work out in the end.”
That doesn’t automatically mean how they want it to.
Things always work out one way or another. Hopefully the way we want it to!
Good luck with your challenge.Kathleen Pereira · August 14

It’s your mischievous smile and that glint of pure joy in your eyes. That’s what keeps you going. Glad to have stumbled across your answer.Upvote·17Reply

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Lynda Filler · August 14

You might be right about that !!Upvote·6ReplyChristie Kel · September 6

I couldn’t agree more!!! I observed this while bagging my groceries yesterday, as the WOMAN (not lady,) behind me asked the very young cashier, “Do I LOOK 75?! I’m told that all the time!” Having worked most of my life in retail, I would have said the exact same answer: “WOW! No I never would have guesse… (more)Upvote·8Reply

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Lynda Filler · September 6

You are so kind to say that to me. I know exactly what you mean. I’ve never understood why people would choose to be rude unless they simply don’t know the difference. To put someone down, especially someone who is serving you, is so rude and nasty!Upvote·9Reply

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Frank Vasquez · September 13

Your still hot i happy one of you next to.

LOL. Welcome to my world!!

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