I listened to you. It wasn’t easy. I’m going to be very open and unfiltered. First, it was the pandemic. As my friends would say, “Are you sure you want to be in Istanbul, Turkey, at a time like this?” It’s not that I’m a negative person; I would say I’m realistic. And even though we had never lived through anything like this, I knew it was serious from the get-go. 

I self-isolated, as I mentioned in my second memoirAnd I took 2 shots and 2 boosters. And although I lost friends and others lost family members, it was not my time to go.But I lost my ability to write. I even lost my ability to read. 

To be perfectly straight, I fell apart. It was such a foreign experience that I didn’t know what was happening until I finally saw a doctor. Out came the totally evil and frightening word XANAX. I was so afraid of addiction–it runs in the family–that the first batch went down the toilet!

I know I should have packed my bags and returned to…wherever home should be for a girl who lives like a gypsy. But I stuck it out. 

It was the best of times. I was in love. And the worst of times. I was afraid that love would be the death of me.

I have never been as open or afraid of anything in my life. But I knew that for an author like me, I needed to write it out. Once I began, I did my research, I kept my head together, and I completed the book. 

I thought of my mother a lot while writing this memoir. My dad was in the military and away during WWII. I can not imagine what it was like for my mom with a young baby and four years without a husband. My mom was always my rock. So I prayed to her daily to give me the strength I needed to get through all this. I could feel her presence all around me. And that helped a lot.

And I covered all the religious bases I could think of! Prayed to all the Gods, and this was the result. I began to write it all out. 


Is now live on Amazon click any of the links DESTINY’S DAUGHTER . I would love you to read and review. Here’s the summary:

From my early years as a military brat, I had perfected the art of starting over. But nothing had prepared me to see Russian warships on the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul on their way to start a war with Ukraine.

I retired from my sales career in Mexico in 2019 to travel and find a place where I would write and continue my creative dreams. I thought it might be Bali. But fate intervened, and after four months of travel, I fell in love with a young Turk and the historical romantic Istanbul.

This mysterious and exotic city turned out to be a writer’s dream. Until a worldwide pandemic, lockdowns, deaths, and panic attacks made me question if I had lost complete touch with reality. My emotions took over, and anxiety replaced creativity.

Looking back on my life, I shouldn’t be surprised to find myself close to a war zone. I am, after all, a product of my military father.

I am Destiny’s Daughter

Destiny’s Daughter

I want to share this journey with you in my latest memoir. You read the reviews of my work on Amazon, and you spread the word on my writing. So to thank you for your confidence in my work, I want to offer you your choice of two best-selling books of mine FREE. If you wish both, go for it!


“Get In, Sit Down, and Read like there is no tomorrow. You will not be sorry.” E. Wojdyla

Luke Raven is back in Istanbul on the most vital secret mission of his life.
After the assassination of the Minister of Defense in Istanbul, Zach and Rachel remained in Istanbul. During an evening out at a trendy cafe, the two Raven Group operatives find themselves in the middle of a brutal terrorist attack.
Samaar, an ex-Mossad agent, and her daughter are in Paris. But her trained senses tell her that Luke Raven is hiding something important from her. The fallout from Luke’s actions forces Samaar and Alice to fly to Istanbul. Samaar soon uncovers a secret that will shake the very foundation of everything she believes to be true.




‘TARGET IN THE SUN’, a moving, high-anxiety romance thriller, takes place on a perilous journey through the explosive dark underworld of organized drug trafficking and the complex, destructive human perils of use, abuse, and the carnage it leaves in its unstoppable wake. Caught up in the onslaught is the powerfully engaging nurture of two lovers, Carlos and Mia, discovering and reaching out in a world that could ultimately tear them apart.

This may seem crazy to you, but I believe in DESTINY’S DAUGHTER. My loyal readers deserve to get 3 books for the price of one! It makes me happy to share my journey with you. Thank you!

6 thoughts on “I know this will sound crazy, but it’s my way to say thank you!

  1. Congrats, Lynda 🙂 I can’t imagine seeing those boats go by in war. You have so much strength and wonderful insight. I look forward to reading your latest. Hugs xo


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